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Thread: Error installing IOS36

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    Error installing IOS36

    Okay so here is the deal...
    I am a klutz and seem to have lost the SD card with everything on it...and I want to get the recently updated Wii Shop Channel. So I followed the guide by Krank and got MMM and put it into a app folder. I successfully installed the shop channel, but then when I go to install and patch IOS36 I get an error that reads: Error ES_Addtitlestart (-1035). Is there any way around this?
    - Thanks in advanced.

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    That means that the installed version is higher than the version your trying to install. You can follow my softmod guide and install the shop channel, you should not get that error.
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    Title with a higher version is already installed: The cause of 1035 error is when you try to install an IOS with a lower revision over-top of an IOS with a higher revision. Most common reason people get this error is when they try to downgrade IOS15 using DOP-Mii, TBR, MMM.....any app that downgrades IOS to install a patched IOS36 (you can also get the error if your IOS36 revision is too high when it comes time to install the IOS36 with patches).


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