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Thread: Backup DVDs to USB .. Any Method??

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    Lightbulb Backup DVDs to USB .. Any Method??


    Am a new Wii user since around last 1 year and just a month back I came to know about how to unlock the wii ..

    Which i successfully completed thanks to the detailed posts in this forum.

    I didnt realize i had a new system .. so the 5-6 games of back up DVDs that I had doesnt work on this system.

    Is there any way I can actually shift these games from DVD to the USB drive.

    My wii gives me DVD error 1167

    So have to use the usb loader .. is there anyway to transfer these DVDs to USB HDD.

    Kindly advise.

    Thanks in Advance

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    You can rip the games from the originals to the usb via the wii disc drive.
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    Because your Wii won't read the dvds, you'll have to take your backups, and using ImgBurn, you'll rip each game to an ISO. After that you'll plug your usb device into your computer and using wbfs manager, you'll format the drive (make sure you format the correct partition). Then just load the game images to your hdd via the wbfs manager. Obviously, this will only work on your Wii if you have a properly configured SD card (or usb, depending on your preference) and your Wii has been properly modded.

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