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Thread: Games won`t show on HD

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    Games won`t show on HD

    I couldn`t find this topic, so here we go.

    I`ve been trying to convert the ISO files to wbfs with wbfs_file_simple gui 1.0.9

    when i transfer them from my computer to external HD, they are all there in their wbfs format in their folders, in the folder wbfs on the root.

    when i load configurable usb loader, some games are there, but a lot of them won`t show. such as lego POTC, Lego SW3, Wii play motion, golden Eye, so many more.

    First I was thinking is was just new games, but goldeneye is old isn`t it (question mark here) i hate laptops, especially when they aren`t mine...I get an instead of a question mark.

    i used muifrog`s guide, i have a seagate 2TB external HD, full 1.8 TB is a single partition on fat32. I read it was fine to do so... I used all the files that were in the guide, nothing on the wii has been upgraded since.

    I hope this is enough to help.

    Please and Thank you!

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    Why not dump them right to your hdd using one of the loaders?

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    maybe try another game manager wii game manager (click on it in my sig), wii backup manger, see if they help not sure about the one you are using now ?
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