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Thread: Trouble with Super Paper Mario and Donkey Kong Country Returns

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    Question Trouble with Super Paper Mario and Donkey Kong Country Returns

    I got a hardmodded Wii with the old version of wiikey in it, i have softmodded it following the big guide here on this forum so now i run games of a FAT32 HDD, the games converted to wbfs with wii backup manager. I run the games with Configurable USB Loader, with the preset IOS i get from the big guide on the forum, i think itīs 248, or something like that, maybe 249, not sure.
    Hereīs to the problem, all games have worked fine, iīve been playing Wii sports, Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros, SSBB and many more without any problems, but when i try to play Super Paper Mario it boots as it should, u get the normal, warning screen, but then i canīt connect a WiiMote, and with Donkey Kong Country Returns i can only play 1 wiimote, and that game is boring to play alone so itīs whortless just like that, when i try to add a second WiiMote it just canīt connnect..
    Does any1 got any advise on how to fix this issue?
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