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Thread: Is Wii powerful enough to play Yoshi's Island and GBA games without lag?

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    Is Wii powerful enough to play Yoshi's Island and GBA games without lag?

    Hi. I'm looking to buy a wii to play emulator games as it's much cheaper than a computer. So I want to know if the Wii can run these games using softmod, without lag. I know that my PS2 can't handle yoshi's island, it lags like hell, unplayable. Thanks in advance.

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    Not sure best way is to test it and see unless somebody here has it

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    Well the thing is that I don't have a Wii yet, and I want to make sure it can run these games before I purchase one. Would really appreciate it!

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    The only emulator games I've had lag are Wii64 games. I haven't tried yoshi's island lately but I think all my gameboy and gameboy advance games work perfectly. I'll check that game for you, when my son gets off the ps3.

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    I know it will play GBA games just fine. I play Metroid on the GBA emulator.

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    Thanks for your help . I'll await the answer regarding yoshi's island.

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    I know that Yoshis Island for Snes runs fine, so I don't see why the GBA version wouldn't.

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    Yoshi's Island for snes is the version I was asking about. So you say it runs without lag? Then I will buy a wii this coming week .

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    SNES, NES and GBA games all run perfectly fine on the Wii. It's only N64 games that have a bit of issues here and there.

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    Thanks a lot for your answers. I just have one more qustion, how about amiga games? The amiga is slightly more powerful than the gba right?

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