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Thread: NeoGamma R9 Beta50 Disc Problems.

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    NeoGamma R9 Beta50 Disc Problems.

    So in my attempt to play Backup Gamecube games via disc i stumbled upon Neogamma. I downloaded there most recent version which is R9 Beta 50.
    My ios/cios are all up for backup playing and i patched my 249 ios with Cmios from wiigator.
    However, whenever i plug my disc into the wii and launch it from Neogamma, it tells me

    Error: Not a Wii/GC disc.

    I burned the Gamecube Iso right with imgburn on a dvd-r at 2x speed so it's not the disc it's self.

    What's wrong with it?

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    You already have a thread regarding this issue please do not make multiple threads on the same subject thanks, thread closed, your other thread will remain open.

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