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Thread: BootMii loader wont function, among other things.

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    BootMii loader wont function, among other things.

    First, my Wiis stats -

    Black Wii
    Update 4.3
    Soft modded with the Super Smash Brothers hack.

    I recently soft modded my Wii in anticipation for Xenoblade from EU, and everything went well. I followed the "official Wiki" guide, and had my Wii installing things from the Browser in no time. I thought I was done, minus making it region free.

    I continued browsing the HBB, and found the GeckoS download. What I gather from it's description and menu, is that I can force my Wii to become region free on a disc by disc basis, there for allowing me to play Xenoblade. But I can not find any FOR SURE answer on this. Which leads me in to my next issue...

    BootMii. When I first installed the homebrew, it said it was going to be an ISO instead of..whatever else it can be. I didn't know what it was, so I said ok, and moved on. Come to find out, it's apparently how I go about making my Wii brick proof?

    So I get to searching on Google, and there's all these guides on "how to make your Wii brick proof and disable disc updates and play region free." But everyone seems to be at least a year old, denounce 4.3, and speak of things that I need a tutorial on in the first place before I even do THAT tutorial.

    I'm just getting really frustrated, and kind of worried that I'll eventually screw up my Wii.

    To sum up my questions (sorry for the rambling) My BootMii, I guess, locks up my Wii when booted. My disc tray flashes, and my Wii goes nowhere else other than a black screen. What am I doing wrong?

    Issue two, would be what exactly do I need, for my Wii to become more secure from disc based updates, and to be region free? I took a gander at this sites guides, but again, things like Tushcha (sp) bug and WADS and NANDS and every other damn thing just makes me more confused than before I came in here.

    I'd appreciate and step by step walkthroughs you'd be willing to throw my way. I'm not interested in loading up from USBs or playing back up burnt games. I just want this for Xenoblade and some cool emulators, nothing more.

    Again, thank you!

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    Take a look at the Softmod Any Wii guide for most of your answers. To block updates you will need to have Prilloader installed. Read the guide!

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