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Thread: I'm stuck between two games

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    I'm stuck between two games

    I found my self stuck at a very bad situation right now betwwen call of duty black ops and monster hunter 3.

    I just got call of duty black ops to work when i got stuck and the loading screen so i had to change the IOS.

    Then when i tried to play monster hunter 3 the screen got frozen and started buzzing so i had to change the IOs from 224 to 249 and then monster hunter worked after i was done playing it i wanted to play some more call of duty black ops but realized that the loading screen was taking forever again.

    Is there any way I can play both games with-ought doing the process again Plz i need help.

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    We have guides for both of these games

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    sorry problem has been solved

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    As the ops problem is solved, thread closed!

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