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Thread: Twilight Hack / Region Question....

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    Twilight Hack / Region Question....

    Hi all.

    Just a quick Question.

    i've got a US Wii..(modded with wiikey2)

    I'm going to do the twlight hack as soon as i can. i can play any region Zelda - do i have to use the NTSC version of the game to do the hack?? and the US twilight version save..

    bit confused here !!..

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    thanks YET AGAIN Mate hahaa

    however, am i TOTALLY stupid or does it not specify what region of the zelda game you has the game save and homebrew versiosn on there...

    i guess a pal zelda is sweet.

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    region isnt important =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    region isnt important =P
    yup, all regions work.


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