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Thread: Having trouble with the wii

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    Having trouble with the wii

    Hi there I am new and feel like I have searched the forum pretty well before posting this so I hope I am not just posting a stupid question. But I made the smart choice of buying a modded wii from somebody last week and low and behold I am having issues. I have never owned, much less hacked a wii so I am new to all of it. The main reason I bought the wii was for the netflix function, but now I can not get into the shopping channel to download it. I am not sure what hacking programs he used but if you guys could tell me how to find it, I will share it with you. I really just want to be able to watch the netflix and other than that I am ok with the hacks being on there. He used an SD card to hack it if that helps, and I did get it from him. I really appreciate any help because I am totally lost.

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    Thanks I appreciate it, so I can use one of these to update it even if I don't know what he used to hack the wii originally?

    Just followed instructions and everything went great. I cant tell you how much I appreciate the help.
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