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Thread: How to do everything, Wad related, and everything made simple! (IDIOT PROOF! =O)

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    How to do everything, Wad related, and everything made simple! (IDIOT PROOF! =O)

    hehe, i know what guide number is this for me... i think 9, but i don't know but i hope this one helps a lot, since people want, need/desire for help, and i got many requests for this here it is, everything for wads, lets start by saying i hope this makes things ezpz

    before we start
    for anyone wondering, heres what a wad is more or less.
    Wad: more or less the exe of the wii, they are just installer, there are currently 3 types, IOS, Virtual console, and wiiware, they can brick your wii but its very rare.

    while were at it, here are everything you might need prior, and PLEASE NOTE.. if you have above firmware 3.2 (wii > settings > top right = firmware) you must edit or downgrade to use this program!

    and even though this isnt Wad related, i thought i would include IOS 51, and Cios 37, since people often want to install those while installing those needed IOS's, to use them, its the same as any app.

    ok time for the guide

    Step 0.1: (if you got homebrew channel and 3.2 skip)
    Downgrade to 3.2

    Step 1: (skip if you allready got wad manager, or downloaded from the link above)
    wad manager v1.3 (latest) download

    Step 2:
    open the rar, and extract the files to your desktop, then plug in your SD card.

    Step 3:
    Make 2 folders in the root "apps" if you don't already have it and "wad"
    it should look like this

    Step 4:
    Open the "apps" folder, and make a folder called "wad manager"
    it should look like this

    Step 5:
    Move the .dol file into the folder, and rename it to "boot"
    it should look like this

    Step 6:
    go back to the root of your SD card

    Step 7: (skip if you have the .wad file)
    download or get a .wad

    Step 8:
    put that file in the "wad" folder, what the wad is called doesn't matter
    it should look like this

    Step 9: (sorry from this point on my Iphone is taking pics =x)
    put the SD card, back into the wii, its the slot next to the Drive
    pic if needed
    ImageShack - Image Hosting :: sdcardinwiiwh7.png

    Step 10:
    boot homebrew channel
    pic if needed

    Recommended step: (if you have starfall skip)
    download Starfall
    then do the same as above, just make a folder for it in apps, then rename the .dol "boot"
    finally boot it up in homebrew channel, and MAKE SURE TO READ THE MENU OR IT WONT WORK, and install what you want the last 3 are recommended, and the 4th
    picture of the program

    Step 11:
    select and launch Wad manager
    it should look like this

    Step 12:
    Push A
    what it should look like

    Step 13:
    Push A
    it should look like this
    "select source device: SD card"
    ImageShack - Image Hosting :: wadmanagerpic2ws9.png

    Step 14:
    Select your Wad, and push +
    it should look like this

    Step 15:
    Push A
    it should look like this

    Step 16:
    wait for it to install, and enjoy :3

    I hope this helps you understand the program, and remember to read my other guides, also as always, i am open for idea's as to what to make next.
    Thank you for reading~
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    well, i mod PSPs but i'm a noob to Wii

    so... what will i have to do differently as i live in the UK?

    also, if i brick my wii, is there an unbricker available?

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    So once you run the WAD it shows up on the main Wii memu as a "channel"?

    Also, do you HAVE to downgrade to run everything correctly?


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    -sigh- its just BEYOND me how you dont get it, IT INSTALLS THINGS, if its ment to be a channel it will be a channel, do you think "ios 38" is gonna get a channel....
    and yes you got to do the downgrade correctly...
    and what the hell do you think starfall was far, RECOVERY MENU come on think people think

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    There's the Cheery Admiral we all know and love......

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    is there a way to transfer a wad from your laptop to your wii, instead of using the sd card?

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    none at all or i would have mentioned it

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    nice looks good

    | Wii LU64 | USB Loader GX | Western Digital 320GB Passport Essential HD |

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiiprah View Post
    nice looks good
    thank you, i plan on making more so we can get more linking, and less typing so everyone wins

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    now admiral's gonna get mad at me..
    how come you keep saying you need to downgrade to 3.2?
    I've got 3.3E and everything worked perfectly, I loaded wad manager 1.3 via homebrew channel and installed a couple WADs...
    and dind't even brick my wii

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