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Thread: wii system and game updates

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    wii system and game updates

    as more and more wii games come out im sure there gonna have updates. what my question is do u think there make an up date on a game u buy and u have to install it in order to play that game

    for example

    u buy a game which u know has a update so u make a copy of it as your back up load it up but is not playable cause it needs that update

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    You can go around the updates, or else I wouldn't be able to play Guitar Hero World Tour and etc. on my 3.2 Wii lol.

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    every game has a update since the first update =P

    and their all well known, but theres a lot of unknowns because people dont care

    IOS 38 (wii speak games)
    animal crossing

    IOS 36 *i think* (dual layer support)
    Mario kart
    MoH 2 *i think the other DL game*

    IOS 55
    Need for speed
    bleach Versus crusade
    hitman reborn

    IOS 53
    need for speed

    but some things need Cios 37, etc etc etc, its not useful, and many people will just keep asking, and they rarly come i mean it took 5 months for a new set of games =P also too many rarly played games like hitman reborn


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