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Thread: semi bricked pal-j

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    semi bricked pal-j

    gday all, a big sorry if this answer has already been submitted and ive somehow missed it..

    anyways, i have a wii-j that seems to be semi bricked, it shows the opera error message in the wii options menu and seems to have double weather news channels on the front menu... its also seems that my homebrew channel is missing..

    i bought the wii about 2 years ago, so i cant remember if it has a hard mod (doubtful), but it was with twilight (im again assuming as the files were on the sd card)

    im not sure what ive done or what game was used to brick it, it could either be friends pressing random buttons which caused an update (the menus are still in japanese) or if it was a game virtual tennis which had been downloaded/burnt and tried?? (again friends are awesome!!)

    any direction and steps to repair will be greatly appreciated..


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    cheers narse for the reply, ive now tried to repair, but am getting the error #004 message from my sd card... im guessing the wii has been updated to 4.3 and the soft mod was banner bomb??can anyone confirm this>>

    so after some searching in the forum, it seems my only way to repair the wii is to use an original region game??

    any advice recommendations thrown this ways would be greatly appreciated..

    cheers people..

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    There are options in that guide for 4.3, use one of the 4.3 hack methods to fix the wii. Probably best for you to just follow my softmod guide so you can fix your softmod in the process. Should be an easy fix.
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