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Thread: Neogamma Forwarder Channel

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    Post Neogamma Forwarder Channel

    Neogamma is a backup launcher that is able to load Wii Game backups from DVD-Rs, SD(HC) Cards and USB Hard Drives. This forwarder channel loads it from the SD Card. The advantage of using a forwarder channel over a regular channel is that, it allows users to easily update their Neogamma.

    This forwarder loads Neogamma from the following locations;
    [spoiler=Read This Note About Disc Loading!]
    Some Wii's made in mid-2009 and later have newer DVD Drives which prevent back-ups from loading from DVD-R which means. To test this, do the following
    1. Launch Neogamma.
    2. Eject and remove any discs you have in the DVD Drive.
    3. Select Launch Game from DVD in Neogamma.
    4. If you get an error about your DVD Drive being too new and most likely no DVD-R's, that means you have a D3-2 Drive or newer and CANNOT play Gamecube games! This doesn't mean you can't use Wii games at all, Wii games can still be loaded from a USB Hard Drive. Although, there are more better loaders to do this than Neogamma such as CFG USB Loader.

    Downloads HERE
    NeoGamma Forwarder Channel - Download HERE
    NeoGamma Updater (Needed if you don't have Neogamma on SD) - Download HERE

    Must have a softmodded Wii prior to doing this. Also, delete any Neogamma Channel you previously had via Data Management!

    1. Download pack using above link.
    2. Place files from Neogamma Updater on root of SD Card and place the forwarder channel wad file in your WAD folder.
    3. Run Neogamma Updater and download the recommended build.
    4. Install Forwarder Channel using Multi-Mod Manager.
    5. Enjoy!
    Every time there's an update, just run Neogamma updater and it'll download it!

    Recommended Setup
    Recommended cIOS: cIOS249[56]-rev21 d2x v4+
    Recommended mIOS (Gamecube Loading): cMIOS v10

    The updater comes bundled in the forwarder pack. Every time you log in here and see an update. You just double click the updater (neogamma_updater.exe).

    Put together a little updater. Instead of even having to drag and drop boot.dol, just double click the updater and it will put the latest neogamma on your SD Card. If you want to download it seperately, find it here and drag and drop onto

    NeoGamma iOS Switcher

    Other Useful Downloads
    ImgBurn (For Burning Games Onto DVD-R)
    CleanRip (For Dumping Games onto a Hard Drive for burning)
    WBFS Manager (For Adding Games to WBFS formatted HDD) - Note: WBFS is a bit old as FAT/NTFS work with other USB Loaders but Neogamma uses it.

    If this helped you, be sure to press thanks and while it's not required, you can help this community stay alive by Donating to the site (Click Here)!

    ShadowSonic2 (Me)
    WiiPower (For NeoGamma)
    emuhack (Helping and Original)
    BluPhant (Updater)
    Stomp_442 (DVD Drive Check Tip)
    Robgee789 (Forwarder Artwork)
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    did you go through a mmm channel or in mmm in the hbc
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    is it possible to change partitions with neogamma?
    because my hd have 4 partitions and neogamma loads just the first one

    whith kind regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnykaty

    is it possible to change partitions with neogamma?
    because my hd have 4 partitions and neogamma loads just the first one

    whith kind regards
    Why not use a one of the USB Loaders?

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    i have cfg loader v70-222
    i was just asking by myself of this was possible with neogamma
    i also can't load any games with the ios 249, 248, 250, 246 this will only works whit 222, 223 or 224
    so i was just wondering


    i also can't load any games with the ios 249, 248, 250, 246 on my 2nd 3 and 4th partition
    this will only works whit 222, 223 or 224
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    Sorry but i`m a noob, where exactly do I put these files should I just extract to sd

    I looked at the files I downloaded, to me it looks like im missing something..

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    Ummm...did you read #2 in the Installation instructions?...or any of the Installation instructions?

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    -.- dont know how I missed that, I couldnt find my wad folder when I looked where is it in the sd thanks

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    Question Neogamma Forwarder not working through USB

    I load my Homebrew apps through USB. When I open the app through the forwarder on the Wii Menu, it redirects me back. Is there any solution for this? I can load Neogamma through HBC, but I can load USB Loader GX through the forwarder.

    I can't install the forwarder wad through WiiMod 3.2. It doesn't detect the wad in the USB drive.

    EDIT: A guy asked the same question here, but didn't get his answer.

    EDIT 2: Problem solved. Just had to install the wad through USB. Wiimod 3.2 didn't work, so I downloaded Waninkoko's Wad Manager 1.7 and installed, choosing IOS236.

    EDIT 3: The problem wasn't solved after all. I didn't know that the SD card was in it's slot when I installed the forwarder wad through Wad Manager 1.7. Is there any way to get the forwarder to load usb:/apps/neogamma/boot.dol instead of sd:/apps/neogamma/boot.dol? This is odd because the USB Loader GX forwarder loads the .dol-s from both USB and SD.
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