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Thread: HELP! D2CPro - Can I do Wii system update?

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    HELP! D2CPro - Can I do Wii system update?

    I purchased and installed a D2CPro + Wii Clip back in July. I have not updated my system since before that. I just got a Wii Fit and it wants me to do a system update in order to play. Will my chip be effected by the newest update or is it safe to do it?

    Thanks so much!

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    No, its safe to do, but it blocks fake sign games, you can install homebrew and work around, or just update

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    What are "fake sign games" exactly? Sorry, I am not all that saavy with the mod stuff yet.

    I basically have lots of "backups" i play, from various regions, that I still want to work.

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    brick blocked
    ^ might help in all area's

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    Ah, damn. So all the PAL games I used brick blocker on wont work anymore? That's a bummer. Thanks for all the help. Much appreciated!

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    Just got a D2CPro for my Wii 3.2E, inserted a game where it asked for a system update which my little 4 year old quickly clicked Yes AND it still worked. Not saying you should but I've done a system update to 4 different games now and they all work.


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