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Thread: Epoch, Coming Soon to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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    Epoch, Coming Soon to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

    The name of the game is Epoch, and by the looks of this trailer, itís going to be huge. The gameís pedigree however, should make that not so much of a surprise, as an inevitability. Created by newly formed Uppercut Games, Epoch features the same engine and core gameplay mechanics as the Gears of War franchise Ė and we all know how great those games are!

    As you can see from the trailer above, Epoch looks pretty incredible. Even more promising, though, is the team behind Epoch. Uppercut Games is a new studio formed by Andrew James, previously art director at Irrational Games/2K Australia, and Ed Orman, a designer at the same company.

    A post-apocalyptic third-person shooter, Epoch is a robot soldier who finds himself (he is a he, right?) in a sticky situation after rebooting to find the world isnít quite as he left it.

    The game is called Epoch. Itís a post-apocalyptic third-person 3D shooter in which a robot soldier reboots, only to find the world in the midst of a full-blown post apocalypse. Like Gears of War, itís a cover shooter, so a lot of the gameplay is running from one bit of rubble to the next to shoot from.

    While a game featuring the Gears of War engine does set the pulse racing, we canít help be a little concerned that Epoch might suffer from the same problems many other iOS games do Ė namely, a control problem.

    While a touch-screen does offer a certain flexibility not afforded by traditional control schemes, it does also suffer from being difficult to game on when complex controls are needed.

    Unfortunately neither we, nor CultOfMac have a release date yet, other than a tentative Ďlater this yearí. And for some reason, we are starting to believe that Epoch might land on the face of the Earth when iOS 5 goes final, judging from the graphics it offers, we believe that Epoch will be a heavenly title for the upcoming iPhone 5. All in all, We canít wait! Check out the trailer embedded below:

    Source- redmondpie

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