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Thread: usb powered hard drive and usb charger.....

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    usb powered hard drive and usb charger.....

    Hi has anyone hacked the wii to run from a USB powered hard drive (ie no power supply, drive takes power from usb socket) along with a usb controller charger....

    I am concerned about possibly overloading the wii usb sockets......
    Although the self powered usb drive would be very usefull in my 6 year old sons home setup.....

    Anyone any comments would be welcome

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    I have heard that you can use a non external powered hdd but as you have stated this will put extra strain on the wii's power circuit.
    I have always preferred to use a external powered hdd....

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    Thanks for the quick reply...

    My 6 year old son lives with his mother... So, the simpler that I can make his setup the better

    A friend of mine runs a western digital 500g external hard drive that takes its power from the usb port...
    But, Its just the concern with overloading the usb's by running the hard drive and a controlller charger from them

    Has anyone done this??

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    Part of the USB standard is the power output. It's USB, not a proprietary port, so in theory, it should be capable of the full draw of a USB port without damage. I could be wrong, but I don't think you'll have an issue. Especially considering all of the USB chargers, accesories, cellphones being charged off the wii, etc. etc., and the fact that I've never really heard of PSU failures on the wii, or damaged USB ports- I think you'll be fine. That's a 2.5" HDD right? (Wallet sized)? Those do not draw very much power at all, at least not compared to larger desktop-sized drive.

    It's at your own risk of course, but if it were me, I'd run a 2.5" drive solely off of USB power and not look back.

    Edit: woops! Sorry to dig up an old thread. I was just browsing the forums, guess this area doesn't get much traffic, ha!
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