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Thread: WiiKey Fusion Setting Messed Up

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    Us WiiKey Fusion Setting Messed Up

    Yeah so i was reading this old thread
    and it makes sense to me how I can reset my wiikeyfusion's firmware...but what happened to me was this-- i was trying to get my dvd drive to work again, as there was a disc stuck inside of it, and last time i opened up my wii and disconnected the wiikeyfusion then it began to work again.
    well, this time what i did was i went into the wiikeyfusion's setup configuration and turned the wiikey off. the dvd drive works again...the problem is that i can't get the gamecube logo to come up anymore and can no longer use my wiikeyfusion!
    I'm upset as to why they would even have that option available if there was no fail-safe mechanism for it....
    Anyway, frustrated, i ended up softmodding my wii but am still unable to play anything on my wii =(
    Any and all help is welcome on this matter.

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    I had that same problem

    I softmodded mine after my Wiikey fusion failed to play a few games, also I wanted to be able to use my DVD drive since Wiikey seems to block that somehow when it's on. I was afraid to turn it off also for fear of not getting it back up again, but the only thing I do to get it to turn back on is put my SD card back into the slot when it's turned off, then turn it back on and the gamecube logo pops back up again.

    I hope that helps

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    i had the same problem with my wiikey fusion, in order to eject a disc you have to have the sd card out. try taking out the card, unplugging the wii, then plugging it back in and starting a regular game. if it wont eject you may have to open the wii, disconnect the fusion and eject the disc from there. i also found using a small flat head screwdriver helped me set my region settings, they were right but i needed to push 1 switch less than the human eye can see and it worked. last bit of advice is make sure you update and when switching from disc to sd, UNPLUG THE WII! took me forever to figure out but i havent had a problem since, hope this helps


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