I bought this wii with the intention of modding and selling it. I purchased the unit from a local on craigslist. The wii is in mint-condition and had not been unwrapped previously before the install.

Version 4.3U RED - soft-modded using the smash bros. exploit

Comes with:
Original Mario 25th anniversary box
Composite AV cables
Power brick/cord
A sensor bar
A white wiimote and nunchuck
A 2g SD card with the nand and key backup

Asking 200 USD + shipping. Payment via paypal.

The reason for the price is simply because the wii is rare, modded, and in superb condition.

DOES NOT come with a harddrive. I have a few apps loaded onto the wii, mainly priiloader and the the app manager(the one which allows installation of apps directly from the internet).

I have tested the unit and it is in perfect condition.

If in need of pictures or any other info just pm me.

I also have some GC controllers that I can throw in for no extra cost.