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Thread: configurable usb loader with USB 3.0 device?

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    configurable usb loader with USB 3.0 device?

    I have my wii working and wanted to use my harddrive for something else. So I purchased a new 2TB western digital that's usb 3.0

    Well my copied my games from one usb device to this new one and it's not working. So same wii and one HD works and this new one doesn't. I'm using Linux so I used Wiithon to move data over, but if that's an issue I can try to find a windows computer.

    The new HD I have 1TB as fat32 with nothing in it yet and the other 1TB is the wbfs loaded with games.

    configurable usb starts up with the flashscreen and it freezes with controller lights turning off.

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    the 3.0 hdd have been problematic. Did you set it to primary and active?
    You may want to try the new d2x cios also.
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    To be honest I don't even remember what I did for primary or secondary. I had some problems formatting and getting the drive to work in linux, but my netbook I rebooted into win7 and didn't have an issue.

    I patched d2x cios already

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    appreciate the help
    I opened up gparted and changed the the flag for the wbfs partition and turned on the boot flag to see if that made a difference and it's working now.



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