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Thread: Codex NAND Reformatter Help

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    Codex NAND Reformatter Help

    So I have not gotten an answer in that thread, so I am hoping someone with experience can help me.

    My Wii is bricked. In following the NAND formatting guide, I am trying to install the WADs. What I have found is that IOS31, IOS 36 and the Wii System Menu file always stall while they are attempting to be installed. The other WADs install just fine. I am using the Wii Sandisk 2 GB card with a full FAT32 format. I have tried numerous times. Is my Wii finished, or is there something else I can do.

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    This belongs in the bricked section..... So I have moved it...

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    Always on your stuff mauifrog. But the link is broken, any where to find a mirror or alternative?

    EDIT: I found it. Thanks. Trying to find my way around it now.
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