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Thread: I desire to mod a game and need some info...

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    Question I desire to mod a game and need some info...

    First a brief background: I'm no stranger to game editing, modding, and patching. For examples of my previous work look into Pokemon Perfect Platinum and Perfect Heart/Perfect Soul.

    Now as for my target: Mini Golf Resort NTSC-U

    Reasoning: bug-fixes.

    Info: Me and my g/f found a minigolf game that we could truly enjoy finally but it has it's flaws apparently. There are at least 3 holes so far (out of 1008) that cannot be completed because either a.) the game does not register the ball in the hole, or b.) maybe the programmers just plain screwed up...
    That is my first issue I desire to fix. My second is that sometimes on the last shot for either player, if both players are using Motion + wiimotes, the motion control gets switched between players but button control stays. (example: 2nd player goes for final shot before 10 over par but motion control does not respond, so 1st player must control motion for 2nd player, while second player presses necessary buttons)

    Edit: I have successfully ripped the game apart using Wii Scrubber, now I need help figuring out what would be best to open/edit these .dat/.txt files and possibly the map files that have no extension...
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