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Thread: Ripping Music From Wad Issue

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    Angry Ripping Music From Wad Issue

    Ok, I've searched here and on google how to rip music from wii games and wiiware, so I thought it would be safe to start a new thread. So, the guide I am looking at tells me that i should be looking for an app_out folder with either the stream directory or .brstm file. The file that I extracted, Pokemon Rumble NTSC, has neither of these files, stream dir nor .brstm. What do I do! I can't even extract the channel background music in which is called sound.bin. Darn.

    Edit: Sorry, removed the external link. And why I chose to post on this forum is because the credibility for this site is high, and I thought I might get answers faster here. Please correct me if I'm wrong and should post on the original site.
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    Please don't post external links, as it's against site rules!
    And just out of curiosity! Why didn't you ask your question
    in the guide you linked to?

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    I rip music from wii games by loading the iso in Wii Scrubber and extracting the music I want. Then use a Brawl Brstm Converter. I can't post links. You'll have to Google it.
    I don't know how to rip WiiWare music though.


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