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Thread: Wood Firmwares v1.33

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    Wood Firmwares v1.33

    New wood firmware by Yellow Wood Goblin


    • switched to devkitarm r34.
    • updated touchscreen processing code.
    • non-empty folders can be deleted.
    • crc32 calculation added. start->tools->crc32. now all bug reports without crc32 of rom ignored.

    • small icons view style added to main list.
    • chezh localization updated. tnx to intemes.
    • romanian localization updated. tnx to Attila13.
    • german localization updated. tnx to Werner Schabert.

    • minor fixes and improvements.

    • 'one piece - gigant battle! (france)' fixed.
    • 'kaidan restaurant - zoku! shin menu 100-sen (japan)' fixed.
    • 'tennis no oji-sama gyutto! dokidoki survival umi to yama no love passion (japan)' fixed.
    • 'imagine - resort owner (usa)' fixed.
    • 'crime lab - body of evidence (usa)' fixed.

    RPG Specific:
    • updated bypass protection mode.

    Wood R4 v1.33
    Wood R4iDSN v1.33
    Wood R.P.G v1.33
    Wood R4 as .nds

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    Sorry, newbie here,why are there 4 files instead of one please, which one should I download for my r4i gold please.... (the newest one,which has a 3ds mark on it....emm... this is the one )
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    Quote Originally Posted by ramey View Post
    Sorry, newbie here,why are there 4 files instead of one please, which one should I download for my r4i gold (the newest one,which has a 3ds mark on it)please...
    This one Wood R4iGold v1.33 Download

    or this in NDS format for dual boot Download

    Heres all the latest wood in nds format, converted by me
    [SPOILER]Wood R4 v1.33.nds Download
    Wood R4iGold v1.33.nds Download
    Wood R4iDSN v1.33.nds Download[/SPOILER]

    @richardsito ,mate id remove your wood in nds link its way out of date,coolkil3r hasnt updated his thread since may
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    oh ok
    thx M3RK


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