Official Homebrew to install d2x cIOS v3 and v4-beta maintained by davebaol, xabby666 and XFlak

- cIOS d2x v3 (rev21003), v4 (rev21004), v5 (rev21005) and v6 (rev21006) support
- hybrid cIOS and potentially any cIOS support
- available bases: IOS37 v5662, IOS38 v4123, IOS53 v5662, IOS55 v5662, IOS56 v5661, IOS57 v5918, IOS58 v6175
- cIOS installation slot support
- online and offline installation (WAD support) support
- SD and USB devices Support
- classic controllers, Wiimotes and GameCube pads support
- argument --ios=XXX support in the meta.xml file to fix the IOS used by d2x cIOS installer
- module to add new cIOS support in d2x cIOS installer without having to recompile it

* Added a filter on the "Working IOS" candidate list to exclude STUB and FakeSTUB IOS.
* Default installation slot for cIOS is now set on 249.
* Default cIOS d2x version is now set on the last final release.
* Attempting to correct the flickering screen. (not sure it's fixed)
* Small display reorganization.
* Fixed case issue : now d2x=D2X and app=APP ^^
* Added support for comments on ciosmaps.xml.
* Added support for --remove-cache argument in meta.xml to delete the "nus" directory on exit.
* Added support for HW_AHBPROT. (disable by default)
--> You have to uncomment the line in the meta.xml to activate it, you can also activate it by setting argument --ios=0 or --ios=AHBPROT in meta.xml
* [DEV ] Added support for Portlibs repository of Devkitpro in the MakeFile. (Thx Rodries)
* [DEV] Added a post-build.bat to update the meta.xml after compilation.

d2x cIOS Installer v2.2

For instructions to install go here

I currently recommend using v2.1, there are still some bugs to be fixed in this release