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Thread: Soft mod for Wii that won't accept discs?!?!?!

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    Question Soft mod for Wii that won't accept discs?!?!?!

    First, I want to thank Mr. Mauifrog for the great instruction manual. I modded my wii almost a year ago and it has worked flawlessly! Thank you, again.

    My neighbors son will be turning 9 in a couple weeks and his dad asked me if I could soft mod his son's wii. With the help of Mr. Mauifrog's manual, I figured it would be no problem at all. Today the dad brings the console to me and says it keeps ejecting any disc he puts in. I hooked it up, and he's takes it in, I can hear it buzzing inside, then it ejects it, then takes it back in and then back out. Not sure what to do about that part of it. Suggestions? The rest of the functions seem to work just fine...just won't take discs.

    Anyway, I am wondering a couple things that I am hoping I can get some feedback on.

    #1. Although it won't accept a disc, can it still be soft modded to run off an external HD like mine does?

    #2. If it won't accept a disc, I have no way to play the first level on Indiana Jones on it. Can I use the saved files that I have on MY SD card and just copy those to his SD card?

    #3. I know this sounds "lazy", but thinking about copying files, etc from my SD card...would copying them all to his SD card automatically soft mod his wii? I'm not opposed to going step by step 'cuz I did it with mine, I was just wondering if copying the files and putting them on his would save steps somehow.

    PS: Forgot to mention his firmware is 4.3U

    Thanks for all suggestions and input. I am anxious to do whatever I can to make this machine soft modded for this kid's birthday.

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    U will need a working disc drive as u will have to play the game for the exploit to work. And no u will have to do all the steps a fresh

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    1. yes, but not 4.3 because you have to be able to run the original disc to launch the exploit.
    2. see #1
    3. what is on your card is not the mod, those are just apps at this point. The files used on the card during the mod process install a lot of things onto the wii.
    You will have to get the hardware issue resolved first.

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