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Thread: Mario Kart Wii Black Screen Fix?

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    Mario Kart Wii Black Screen Fix?

    I know there have been posts like this before but none of them helped me.

    Well, I burned MK on a verbatim DVD-R disc using IMG Burn 1x and 4x. I use NeoGamma r9 beta 50 and have cIOS57 rev 21 slot 249.

    But, when I load MK with NeoGamma, it does the usual loading stuff then says starting game and then black screen. No video or sound for both 1x and 4x discs.

    Are there certain settings I should put?

    Do I need different version cIOS?

    Please help me. Thanks in advance

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    You have already posted a thread about this issue, this one is in the hardmods only section. Please don't make multiple threads on the same issue, wait for your original post to be answered, also try to post in the correct section in future


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