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Thread: Best wii applications for Linux

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    Hi All,

    I am just posting a short list of the best applications that I have found for mucking around with the wii, while using Linux as your main operating system.

    Wiithon - WBFS Partition Manager

    Add/Delete Wii Games from HDD.

    -This tool is very nice, auto updates game titles according too WiiTDB.
    -Very stable, rarely crashes for me or has any issues.
    -Allows you to queue up multiple games for adding

    -Bit outdated, has not seen any recent development.
    -No ciso support

    Wii Backup Fusion / Home / Wii Backup Fusion

    This one is looking to be very promising
    - List games from images, WBFS partitions and DVD with all game infos
    - Transfer game images to WBFS partition or file
    - Transfer game from DVD to WBFS or image
    - Extract game contents from WBFS or images
    - Convert between game image formats
    - Diff images after transfer
    - Split game images while transfer or convert
    - Compare Files and WBFS game lists
    - Additional info tab for a compact overview and game cover
    - Load 3D and HQ game covers in different languages
    - Titles and Covers in different languages
    - Cover viewer for full HQ game covers with save possibility
    - Update title databases in all available languages*
    - Check and repair WBFS files and partitions
    - Create and format WBFS partitions and files
    - Supports scrubbing (data, update and channel partitions)
    - Supports GameCube images (experimental!)
    - Supported formats: ISO, CISO, WIA, WDF, WBFS files, WBFS partitions
    - Supports aqua or brushed metal style on Mac OS X

    As you can see the options by far blow away wiithon. For now I am keeping them both around. They both seem to have benefits for my usage cases.

    -Crashes for me when I attempt to queue up multiple ISO's to be added.

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    A very nice list, even if it is short. I was wondering: would it be okay with you if I added this to my Wiihacks Linux Guide - softmodding using Linux and ext2/ext3/ext4 USB loading? You will be mentioned in the credits and off course, you name will also be mentioned above the actual list.
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    Very cool! Add away I don't mind.

    In that case may be good too point out a few more things.
    - Wiithon or WiiBaFu can not format the drive at all.

    Formatting the drive WBFS with Linux-wbfs-Manager.

    linux-wbfs-manager - A WBFS manager for Linux using GTK+ - Google Project Hosting

    This supposedly can format a drive in WBFS format. Though I have not tested this myself.

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