360 Web Browser is a new mobile browser that provides a very functional browsing experience, with features that lets you watch Flash videos and Download them simultaneously.

Phoenix Rising Update v3.0 What's New:

Introducing the newest innovation by Digital Poke - Ambience Awareness in Media Player [ Off by Default ]
iPad Optimized
Dropbox Support
Airprint Support
Playlist are automatically saved and loaded between sessions
New Multi-Gesture Commands - Double Tap Top / Double Tap Bottom
New Multi-Gesture Features - Scroll to Top / Scroll to Bottom
Brand New Crimson Oak Theme

[spoiler]Mobile Browsing Redefined
It's simply about more features, that can be accessed faster than any other Mobile Browser without compromising on the looks. With 360 Browser beauty is not only skin deep but also shows. The unique user interface adapted by 360 will keep you wanting for more. It's simply mesmerising.

Why Leave Flash Behind?
WIth the help of Clip Converter Plugin one can view some of the flash videos hosted on websites. * - Clip Converter currently supports: YouTube, Sevenload, MySpace, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, MyVideo, Veoh. Head to plugins to know more about how to Convert Videos from their Servers and watch them.

The Sync is In!
Sync 360 with your favorite desktop browser! Your Tabs, Bookmarks and History from Firefox can now be synced to your favorite mobile browser with just one click! No other Browser supports this feature.

Downloads? You got it.
You can now download absolutely anything with the New 360 Browser and view all supported content within the app. That's not all! You can also transfer files from your desktop to your iPhone and vice versa.

Multiple downloads are supported with the option to queue if necessary. You can also edit your file name and location with ease.

It's Powerful and Fast!
Offering features like Quicklist, 360 Arc and a mindblowing Powerful Cache among othe features offered by desktop browsers 360 excels in both power and speed.

Intelligence is the key
With the help of Prodigy Engine the browser can perform tasks which the older generation browsers failed to do. Tabs are now smart along with drop downs and much more.

More in Less
Gone are the days of going to a different screen just to activate to deactivate an option. Most of the options are tab specific and available on the same screen. Using a browser has never been so easy and practical. This is the true 360 Experience.

Plugins for that Extra Boost
With the advent of plugins anything and everything is possible. Overclock the browser and fine tune it with plugins as per your preference.[/spoiler]