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Thread: USB Loader GX Error USB Drive

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    USB Loader GX Error USB Drive

    Hi, I've looked everywhere and posted on the USB Loader site and seems I can't get a answer.

    I have USB Loader GX 2.2 running. After fighting with it and finally deleted the .cfg file it runs, But when I tried to add a Favorite everything went crazy... The disc light lite up blue and the Wii locked up. I have to pull the power to get it to reboot. After that I can't get to the HD anymore. GX says it's loading.. The HD light flashes the goes solid and that's the end of it.

    Can anyone tell me where to start to fix this?

    Or Even point me in the right direction to get help? Is there another forum?

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    Try it with cfg usb loader to see if its the disk or your gx loader. Last time my loaders went hoing weird. I backuped all data to temp dir on my pc. Used panasonic sd formatter to clear my sd card copied everything back and presto.

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    I got this question in my mail as a reply to this thread.
    hi i did something very stupid i ave usb loader gx channel but went into seetings and changed to laod with ios248 instead of 249 now the loader wont will with the sd card out please help: foneboy

    Best if you try from scratch.
    Take your current GX loader and backup the folder from SD to PC, If you think your forwarder channel is on the fritz,
    Forwarders - USB Loader GX you can download the latest forward channel here.
    And download the latest version of GX loader here: Downloads - USB Loader GX
    The have a windows guided installer there as well.


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