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Thread: ntsc pal wads

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    ntsc pal wads

    quick question guys couldn't find a answer any where but here it goes i download a bunch of wads of nes and snes and sega vc games. Id like to know how do i know if they are ntsc wads or pal cause my system is ntsc and not pal ?

    2nd q

    will installing a pal vc game will it brick my ntsc wii

    thanx every one for your help

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    theres a app that checks, its posted here

    you can also install starfall *3.2 only* and it lets u install anyregion wads

    and i dont think it will, i think it just errors, people told me its safe, and a LOT of people per region free

    NTSC wads

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    ok thanx bro and wuts the name of the program that checks em i cant find it thanx for the link

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    "region convertor"

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    ok thanx again im looking around for it but not having any luck finding it is is a program for the pc


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