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Thread: External HD no longer recognized on PC

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    External HD no longer recognized on PC


    First of all I apologize if this is in the wrong section, I didn't know where exactly to put HD issues...

    My problem is basically that my computer will no longer recognize my Toshiba MK3255GSX external HD after I formatted it for WBFS with WBFS Manager 3.0.

    The Wii recognizes it just fine; but I am unable to load new game backup's onto it without my PC recognizing it.

    Configurable USB Loader views my HD info as the following:
    P#1 0.05 UNK-de
    P#2 298.84 WBFS1 [USED]
    P#3 0.00 UNUSED
    P#4 0.00 UNUSED

    I have tried different USB ports, different computers, and uninstalling/re-installing the driving associated with the HD, getting Wii Backup Manager and WBFS Manager 3.0 to recognize it, to no avail, the only thing that seems to recognize the HD is the Configurable USB Loader on the Wii.

    Does anyone have any ideas or tips on how I can get my PC to recognize my HD once again so I can put new backups on it ;\?




    Hi, for future reference to anyone else who's having the same problem in the future, my solution was to use EASEUS partition manager and format the HD to NTSC, then to use a different application to format to fat32 ( as the partition manager was unable to do this ). Also it seems the problem reoccurred with the Fat32 formatted drive, but a simple restart seemed to have fixed the problem.
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    here lemme google that fer you >.> Let me google that for you

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    It won't be able to. Only WBFS Manager can. I say you reformat your HDD to Fat32 and then open it in WBFS Manager to format it to WBFS. Does your PC ask you to format it when you plug your HDD in?

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    You can also try Wii Backup Manager!

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