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Thread: Wii usb loader issues

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    Wii usb loader issues

    I recently backseat hacked my Wii. A friend did as I watched. He followed exactly what he did on his. Only difference is that when any game i play hits a major loading point such as super mario galaxy loading after beating a galaxy the wii freezes on a black screen and I have to do a hard reboot. The only difference for the most part is we both use a seagate 1T Free Agent Goflex except mine is the 3.0 model. However 3.0 is directly compatible with 2.0 so I dont see how the issue came from there. When he was doing mine he had forggoten most of what he did on his so he followed new tutorials and may have done things a bit different.

    Wii- 4.3u
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    If you need more information then you will have to ask specifically for it because I have to look it up seeing as I didnt do the hack myself. Now wishing I did.

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    Bet you its power management for the drive. You need to disable that if possible. This is why I like WD elements drives, they're simple-simple and just work. You can do it, check the seagate site for more info.

    Strike that, I missed the bit about it being 3.0. I know lots of people have had issues with USB 3.0 drives and the wii. Not exactly sure what the status is there.


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    I should mention that the drive was completely formatted into a FAT32 for my Xbox and all application on it deleted and it is just a partition on it that is loading the files. All games are put on it using wbfs Manager 3.0.1. Because of the hard format its just a HDD box. Now company elements except for the serial.

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    In that case hopefully the fix will be as simple as buying the downgrade piece available to make it 2:0. The only thing that makes me wonder is there are a lot of people with very similar issues. Game freezes randomly during gameplay. That's why I wanted to check before buying new part. I use USB loader gx on mine and used to use configurable USB loader but got sick of all the GUI errors on there so traded temporarily because at the moment gx works better on my system. But when it comes to the freezing problem both have the exact same problem so it has nothing to do with the loaders. I will torture it out. Right now I am just looking for people that have similar issues that may have found a direct fix so I don't have to trial an error with everything until I get it to work.


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