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Thread: help to load cover art using configurable usb loader v63

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    Unhappy help to load cover art using configurable usb loader v63

    Newbie here. Just would like to ask for help or a tutorial as how to load cover art so i can view or choose games by being able to view their covers. I am playing games using an external hard drive. I have already read in several threads that either I need to put cover art in the usb-loader/covers, I have already checked and made sure the cover arts are in their right folders. I also tried to configure the usb loader through configurator.exe but I just do not know how to save and navigate for the covers to appear (newbie). Can someon guide me as to what thread or website to go to or give me a brief tutorial. Thanks in advance.

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    Easiest way, assuming your wii is connected to the internets, in config press 1 twice then scroll down to download missing covers and press A.


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    thank you for your reply. I do not have an internet connection for my wii at the moment. Is there a way of doing this without wifi connection?

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    Search and download your covers manually and place them in your /covers folder
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    BTW, CFG Loader v70 is out, you should update

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    thanks shano, i have already downloaded them and placed them into :usb-laoder/covers folder, but whne I try to play games. covers are still not seen? Do i need to configure anything for the cover to appear? I have been trying to fix this for days.

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    hmm it should be root\usb-loader\covers\2d for a 2d cover, and the title of the file should be GAMEID.png.

    Also, load CfgLoaderConfigurator.exe on your PC, say yes to prompts, go to Global Options 2, and make sure your paths are correct.

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    to explain it clearer, I amusing an external drive. when i open the external drive there are only 2 folders. 1st folder is usb loader, second is wbfs folder (this is where all my games are in). in the usb loader folder, all my cover art with .png file is in the cover folder. Is this correct?

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    yes they should be in a folder called "covers" in your "usb-loader" folder. load the configurator and make sure the paths are correct

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    I have already checked the cfg configurator and all paths are correct. Still no image. Pls help.....

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    Just to verify, what is the specific path you put your covers in? Example: f:\usb-loader\covers\2d\****.png

    EDIT: Also, please post your config.txt. Might help in fixing the issue...
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