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Thread: Neogamma Help- Screen Scrolling

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    Neogamma Help- Screen Scrolling

    I've looked up and down all the Neogamma threads and nothing addresses my problem. While I try to run a Kirby Air Ride backup on Neogamma r9 beta 50, with the force video set to Disc, the game will load but it will be black and white and the screen constantly scrolls.With all the other force video settings either the same thing will happen or the loader just green screens.Any help would be appreciated.

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    Green screen means an out of region game! Force the game to whatever region your Wii is in neogamma settings!

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    I have a North American Wii and it isn't until I force it to NTSC that I get the green screen. All of the other options successfully load the game but it's in black & white and it constantly scrolls. Are there any other options I should try changing?

    EDIT: Oh, One thing that doesn't give me a green screen is when I choose the option Force Video: Wii, but I only get a black screen with that option.
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    Is that a gamecube game? If so make sure you have the correct cMIOS!

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    Yes, I currently have MIOS v10 installed.

    EDIT: I tried reinstalling the MIOS, and now when I try to launch the Backup Loader the game either green screen and my wii reboots or it black screens and my wii reboots, depending on the force video setting.
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    Looks like I'll just have to stick with Wii games :/ thanks for trying though.

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    Did you follow this guide to play gamecube games? If you didn't, try it. If you did read it again. It tells you what to do with out of region games.

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    Didn't realize the ISO I had was a PAL, the label said it was USA. Gonna try and find an NTSC iso now and see if it works


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