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Thread: Have I bricked my Wii

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    Have I bricked my Wii

    So a few months ago I successfully was able to play downloaded games on my Wii. I download a program onto my homebrew and since then I've been having the following problem.

    When I power on the Wii, nothing shows up at all. No blank screen, just the TV saying that nothing is connected. (yet the power etc is on and showing a green light.)

    I know it's not the leads because they work on another Wii.

    Does this mean I've bricked my Wii? If so, i've just bricked my pants.

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    What program did you install on the wii?
    Does the drive light flash once or twice when powered on?
    Can you turn on the wii with the remote?

    Turn off the wii (red light)
    Hold reset and press power.
    Keep holding reset, hopefully Priiloader will load. If priiloader does not load after a few seconds you can let go of reset.

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    If you mean the program that caused the potential brick, then I'm not sure.

    Although the homebrew etc stuff was bootmii or something.

    When I turn it on, it flashes once as I press it then 1-2 seconds later is double flashes very quickly. then remains off.

    I can't turn the wii on from the remote as it isn't connected and I can't connect it because the wii isn't really "on".

    Priiloader does not come on.

    Although remember, I don't even see a black screen to see if it worked.. it's as if the wii wont let it'self boot in the
    first place, therfor not letting the TV know it's connected.

    Thanks for your help so far, really appreciated.

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    UPDATE: I just installed option one from here

    Now when I power on my Wii I get a menu, only problem is that the Wii wont let me re-connect the controller. (im guessing because
    right now it doesn't load the core system files)

    Will a gamecube controller work? I'll have to buy one first thing tomorrow if thats the case.

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    To navigate Bootmi use power, reset, and eject. If that doesn't work use a gamecube controller. If a wad was installed causing this failure then use Wad Manager to uninstall it.

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    Thanks to your advice I was able to navigate the stuff.

    It gives me the option to boot in the homebrew channel or the official nintendo thing. Both make the computer go black and unrecognised by the TV again.

    In the options I can restore, but it's saying there's no NAND file...

    does this mean I can't restore as I don't seem to have that file?

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    So the homebrew channel does actually show, but it's upside down and that's it. Nothing to click etc.

    Restoring from SD says there is no NAND file though.

    No NAND file = Screwed?

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    You can use this guide to fix your wii: Fully Brick, Bootmii/boot2 installed but No Nand Backup? Solution Here!. If that does not solve it, you need to replace the boot.dol with the boot.dol from WAD Manager or Anytitle Deleter and delete all channels you installed.

    I have a sidenote for you. You mentioned you could play 'downloaded' games on your wii. Piracy is not supported here at wiihacks. Futhermore, it could very well be that one of these games has caused your problem. The thing with downloads is that you cannot really trust them. If you did not pirate: ignore what I said. If you did pirate, then I hope you have learned a valuable lesson.
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