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Thread: Hard drive recognized on 2 Wiis, but not the other.

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    Hard drive recognized on 2 Wiis, but not the other.

    Hey there all,

    I usually follow Mauifrog's Guide to softmod any Wii as seen here.

    I'm sure you're all familiar with it : )

    Anyway I was working on one of my friends. Did everything exactly in the guide as always. However when it came time to load up CFG, nothing was found. Tried experimenting with other Loaders such as USB Loader GX, Wiiflow, etc. But alas all had the same result.

    So far I tried researching and the only conclusion I saw was that the USB Slots could be corrupted. To my knowledge from what I read, the hard drive can still receive power from the USB (Which it does), but will not be recognized.

    The hard drive is the usual 750gb Seagate Portable Expansion drive, formatted from FAT32 to WBFS using WBFS Manager. Set to Active and Primary.

    And the System was a 4.3U, downgraded to 4.1U as in the guide which is optional. Made a Backup in case, Priiloader, Bootmii as Boot2.

    Any Ideas? Perhaps a missing file or anything I need to install? I never fool around with those "Cios" or whatever, as I hear that can really screw things up. So I thought I would ask the experts! Any help is greatly appreciated! : )

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    First I want to say that installing a CIos is perfectly safe. (As long as you do it right) But yes I believe you need to install a CIos. First check to make sure your not using an extension cable for the HDD or a cable that didn't come with the box that you bought the HDD with. If all else fails then put your wii back to normal (I assume you made a Nand Backup of your Wii before you downgraded it.) and try this tutorial. YouTube - ‪RVLhacks's Channel‬‏ it works perfectly on 4.3u. If you already have the Homebrew Channel skip Step 1. Hope this helps!
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    Thank you for the reply! I'll gladly give it a try and get back to you on the results : )

    And I'm using the regular cable that came with the hard drive.

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    Your welcome! If it works don't forget to say thanks!


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