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Thread: Help with new wii chip

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    Us Help with new wii chip

    So i am pretty new to the modding of wii's and was not sure exactly how to do it. I had a wii for the past 4 years (first generation) and had it modded by a friend within the first few months of owning it. It just recently began to have problems, unrelated to the chip, and now it is unable to read discs and so i simply bought a new one. But now i would like to mod my new one so that i can use all of the games i have for it but am not sure what chip to get, i saw there was softchips and hardchips and wasn't sure on the differences, i don't no what homebrew is, and i even saw there are ways to mod without soldering the chip in. I was hoping someone could help me out and advise me on what i should do.

    Oh and i also saw a lot of people saying that their wii's got 'bricked' from doing updates, but on my old wii i did updates all the time as i played online a lot and black ops requires updates occasionally and my wii never got bricked. Wasn't sure if that makes a difference on how i should mod it because i would like to play online?

    My new wii is black and has a serial number: LU20909743 6 with the six at the end in a box.

    My sincerest thanks to anyone who can help

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    The black wii's are not able to read backup discs, no matter if you install a modchip. Your only option is a softmod or Wode/Sundriver.

    When you softmod a Wii there is a chance of a brick but if you follow a guide EXACTLY as it say there is very little chance. Our current popular softmod guide will have you install everything needed to play backups and prevent online/disc updating by using Priiloader. You can play online with a softmodded wii no problem. Its not recommended to update your system menu, everything can be fixed by installing a IOS or cIOS.

    A wode or sundriver is like a modchip but emulates the Wii's dvd drive. It uses a hard drive to play backups and can be updated as a normal wii but the problem is that after system menu 4.1 games we're region locked.... There is a guide to downgrade to 4.1
    If you only play games from your region then this is not a problem.
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    Thank you so much. your post has been very helpful and i will probably try to softmod my wii soon using the quide

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    I would go with the softmod guide. I had same problem as you with my Wii's drive not reading disc's with a modchip installed. I played black ops for months and then it just would not read disc's.
    Have read somewhere that black ops use's drive alot more than other games. Which could be why my Wii's drive packed up?
    I got myself another Wii which i installed the softmod and it's the best thing i ever did. I can play games off a usb hard drive, which plays the games alot better and smoother.
    Go for it, you'll love the look of seeing all the games on the tv with CFG-USBloader or Wiiflow.
    Take a look at the guide. I read it about 3-4 times before i did mine just to be on safe side. Took me about 2 hrs to do but well worth it.
    Plus you will get all the help you need from all the experts so don't be afraid to ask.
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