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Thread: heeeelp... i think my wii is screwed up with bootmii and others....

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    heeeelp... i think my wii is screwed up with bootmii and others....

    okay when i was trying out miixpress.. pain in the butt to use because it never downloads all the files i needed, mainly hackmii files... and when i though i had to back up my SD card for my apps, i copied to my laptop, then i was gonna delete everything from my SD card, then i realized it didnt finished COPYING! so now some files are gone and i tried using bootmii and didnt shown up so i went through HBC. and now the wii blue led is blinking and i cant shut it off normally... did i brick it?!

    anyways point is thanks to my stupidity of not realizing it never finished backing up and lost lots of important files to make the hack work, im in deep crap! can someone help me fix everything?! or i could just re virginize the wii, or redo the WHOLE softmod guide?

    i need to update my wii with the latest cios and stuff and the shopping channel anyways so can you guys help me fix my problem, and et myself up to date?

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    LOL thats what i actually did when i got tired of waiting (it was VERY late and i needed sleep so i had to do something quick), and it fixed my problem.


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