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Thread: Mario Kart Wii hacks.

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    Mario Kart Wii hacks.

    I recently installed the Homebrew channels, so I'm kinda new to this stuff. Now that I have it installed, what's the next step?

    The only hacks I care for is the item hack that allows you to choose whatever you want anytime, and the VR hack so I can have 9999 or whatever number always.

    And before anyone lashes me out that hacking is bad, I'm only doing this for fun with my friends online, I have no motive of going online and causing mayhem to innocent people. I just wanna have fun with friends, that's all.

    Also, I overheard there's a code to prevent me from getting banned online, is this true? If so, please show me where it is. I don't wanna get banned for having fun in private with friends.

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    Sorry to say but you still won't get help here on cheats no matter if its just to mess about with mates

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    well the forums rules states that u re not allowed to discuss anything related to cheats... Read the forum rules !!
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