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Thread: PSA: Wii slot is for discs only, not credit cards

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    PSA: Wii slot is for discs only, not credit cards

    PSA: Wii slot is for discs only, not credit cards - Nintendo Wii Fanboy

    According to HUELEN10, some neighbors with whom he is casually acquainted informed him that they had just given their kids a Wii for Christmas, and then solicited game recommendations. HUELEN10 suggested a few retail games as well as the Sega Master System version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Unfamiliar with the Virtual Console, the mother asked for further explanation, which HUELEN10 offered, saying, among other things, that it requires the user to "put in her credit card when prompted on the Shop Channel, and get the amount of points she wanted."

    Which she did, unfortunately. Some time later, the mother called her neighbor, furious that their new Wii had been broken by following his advice. She put the credit cards into the Wii, just like he said.

    Right into the disc slot.

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    i wouldnt put it past some people, hell i wouldnt put it past my wife xD

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