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Thread: Super Mario Galaxy not coming for Wii U?

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    Super Mario Galaxy not coming for Wii U?

    Nintendo unveiled Wii U at E3 in June without a single official first-party game to demonstrate it — attendees had to make do with tech demos like New Super Mario Bros. Mii and Zelda Wii U. If you were wondering why there wasn't a more concrete showing of upcoming games, it could be because Nintendo's legendary secrecy extended even to its own top employees.
    Super Mario Galaxy producer Yoshiaki Koizumi revealed in an E3 interview with GameLife that he didn't get the full picture about the machine until Nintendo's E3 presentation.
    As a developer at Nintendo, I had some information about the new system, but I didn’t really have all of the information prior to the announcement at our presentation. I only knew some of the things that were considered to be safe.
    Koizumi knows about the console now though, and you know what that means — he and his team are working on a Super Mario game for the machine. We can't wait.
    Source- Wired

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    I was wondering what they were going to launch with and this is even more confusing. I thought it would be something big to reel them in. Never a galaxy fan, but would love to see a mario title launch it instead of another thing like wiisports

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    The title of this thread and the subject matter are two different things, I don't get it. Nowhere does the body of the message relate to Galaxy, merely that a Mario title will be in the works. Of course, perhaps if I read the source article it would likely say --- I'm just trying to get across this news article appears confusing to the average reader, lol.


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