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Thread: RGB not working, what am i doing wrong?

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    RGB not working, what am i doing wrong?

    OK so i found a composite to RGB adapter in my cupboard the other day, but its for my old xbox that i sold! Its got all the pins so i'd hoped that it would improve the quality from my wii, but it doesn't seem to have changed anything. The Sony Trinitron CRT i have has 2 enabled RGB slots and I tried all 3 so it can't be that - I guess the question could be whether the converter blocks are standard for all devices or do I need a wii specific RGB lead (complete from tip to toe)?

    Thanks for any advice

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    If it's a Composite to RGB adapter, it's not RGB. It's nothing but a pass-through device to display Composite over SCART. SCART is a universal connector, with Composite, RGB, S-Video and some other connections in it. You will need a real RGB cable, one that doesn't have the RCA jacks on it.

    One other thing, I assume you're from your Europe (since they only have SCART there), but keep in mind that only PAL models of the Wii support RGB. This can be changed by region changing your Wii though, but it's not worth the hassle.
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