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Thread: any region changer problems

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    Exclamation any region changer problems

    im trying to put any region changer and dup. channel remover on my sd card to try to fix a problem with my channels and go back to 3.2. do the go in the apps folder or what?

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    their a app, so yeah i think they go in that folder

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    that didnt work is there another way to load them.

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    would having a gecko make any of this easier?

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    no, it wouldnt, just gives you region free, booting

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    Quote Originally Posted by animeware View Post
    Are you useing Back up Disk or Origital Disk?

    Gecko OS - Back Up
    That allows you to back up Wii Games

    Plain Gecko OS
    Allows you to play import games.....
    Man stop posting if you dont know your facts =\ im not enjoying cleaning it up for you

    Gecko OS, does 3 things

    it force boots games *with modchips it will boot any, without it doesnt boot anything*
    100% region free booting *modchip or not any real game will boot*
    cheats *it boots the game with hacks and cheats*

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    ok then is there someone that can walk me through getting these programs working. im not having any luck

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    root = apps
    in apps folder anything you want folder
    in that rename the .dol "boot"

    then boot in HBC

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    the file for channel remover is an .elf would i change that to boot too

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    i would convert it, with the elf to dol convertor, since its not really supported anymore on beta 9+, but yes it would be ther same

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