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Thread: iso not recognized error?

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    Question iso not recognized error?

    is it normal for the iso file not to open, error messages say format isn't recognized or invalid or is there something wrong with the file (use power iso)'s kind of hard to believe that all of the backups I have are no good but if it is normal because the file isn't a computer file I can't open the file to burn it.

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    what are these imgs that you have taken from your originals?

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    hey, thanks for quick reply! I had to take a break for a day so I started back fresh & after some more searching I noticed alot of talk of imgburn so I downloaded imgburn and it copied and played the iso with no problem. I was trying to open the files with power iso and it wouldn't open so since it wouldn't open it wouldn't give me the option to burn it. It's kinda weird the free imgburn will copy stuff the paid software won't.

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    As OP has solved the issue,
    thread closed!

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