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Thread: Hey All-new softmodder and wiikey 2 owner

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    Cool Hey All-new softmodder and wiikey 2 owner

    Hi all,

    I Softmodded (twilight Hack) my wii successfully and had Hombrew Channel and all emulators running on it then I tried to downgrade and accidentally flashed with some pal firmware so long story short I am now getting a wiikey 2installed and thats how I found This site.
    Hope I can contribute!


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    Did you ever get an error? I keep getting an error when it starts to mod my wii. Error reads "Failed to read boot.elf (-1)". I have tried reformating and have even went out to buy a new SD card. Any help would be great. Thanks

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    Cool Are you...

    using a standard sd (non sdhc) card 2GB or under?
    I am assuming that you are trying the twilight hack.
    Also make sure that the card is not locked.
    If not then the file could be bad.
    Otherwise I have a full install package I could send you
    with very good step-by-step instructions and all the files you need.
    It has everything for the twilight hack and HB Channels.

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    Thanks but I found out what the problem was. It looks like I was missing a file. Thanks for the help.

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