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Thread: Bricked wii even after reformat

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    Bricked wii even after reformat

    Hey guys,

    So my Wii got bricked after I hacked it. After many attempts of fixing it, I decided to just forget it and reformat my Wii clean. Long story short, I reformatted it and it worked for about a day and now its bricked again. I really can't win. Does anyone know what I did wrong? I thought once you reformat the wii it should go back to its state when it came out of the box. Why is my wii still bricked??

    Thanks guys


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    Format will delete settings, channels, and saves. Part of the softmod is still there...
    When you say your wii is bricked we need more details.

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    When i try to turn it on, I get no signal. Once in a while, if i play around with the reset and eject buttons I can get it to go on.
    But for the most part it does not go on. So how can I get rid of the softmod?

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    It doesn't sound like a softmod problem, but a hardware problem.

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    I agree with toby1978! It sounds like a hardware problem, but I'm no brick expert!
    So my advice would be, be patient and wait for a brick expert to try and help you out!

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    ok thanks guys
    so brick expert where are you, please help!

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    Can you turn on the wii with the remote?

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    Yes the wii motes turn on the system but its still not loading the the main menu. It just reads as no signal.

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    Do you have a NAND backup?
    Does your drive light blink twice when powered on?
    Tried different av cables? Component cables?

    You can make a savemiifrii to check if it boots then.
    If it does not boot with a savemiifrii then it could be a bad wifi module.
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    Yes I have a NAND backup, I've already restored it like 3 times
    The drive light does blink twice on power on
    Its not the av cables

    Im trying to do the savemiifrii but I dont know what game to use

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