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Thread: WII 4.3e Region Protection

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    WII 4.3e Region Protection

    I have a Wii 4.3e (PAL region) purchased 1 year ago. Never modified. I received a game as a gift from the US but the Wii 4.3e seems to block regional DVDs. I have read a lot on this forum but need help. Keyfusion and the hardmod chip help desks (I tried a few) tell me the chips won't give region free for 4.3e

    Can I simply softmod downgrade from 4.3e to 4.1 (I have read the tutorial from the forum)?

    I have games in both PAL and US format, all original disks and would like to use both without having to change the regions.

    If the softmod from 4.3e to 4.1 would solve my issue, do I need to do any other soft mod before downgrading?


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    Yes you do need to install HB to downgrade.
    Downgrading would bring region free back for older wiis that have the older chipsets in them and the thing is this is only for mod chips.

    If you have 4.3 and your wii is new then the chipset will prevent your wii from reading backups full stop.
    Usb loading would be the best option here and all that can be done after modding.

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    softmod, skip the downgrade.

    Thank you Narse,

    If I understood...
    1. install home brew from guide "Softmod ANY Wii v3"
    2. Skip the downgrade to 4.1 because I will load from a USB (?because 4.3e is a drive blocking issue and not a wii blocking issue)
    3. Mod for USB loading.
    4. backup us games to USBs on pc.


    Thanks again,

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