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Thread: Image issues

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    Image issues

    I have always used my wii on monitors (widescreen). However, recently I got a 4:3 TV STDV. I'm using the rgb connectors to plug it to this tv. The Tv is brand new, I got it as a present because I always mentioned that the wii needs a standard TV in order to view the games in clarity (My 60 inch Sony hdtv looks horrible for playing the wii) Anyway, I started the emulator, everything is running smoothly (3.2u version). I can play all the games, however, when you play games like monster hunter tri, no more heroes (part 1), resident evil umbrella chronicles, resident evil 4, okami, metroid 3. The image of these games on this tv looks great, but the image is uneven. Image a perfect circle (the tv) and then play one of these games and the image of said perfect square is curvy on the sides. Like this ( /, it should look more like this [ ]. I tried to change the settings on the wii, from standard 4:3 to widescreen 16. But it does nothing. Other games like (recent titles) like the new metroid works perfectly, no more heroes 2, zelda, mario games, look amazing. Even Re darkside chronicles looks amazing on it. But not on the games mentioned above. Is there a better emulator that will help me fix this image issues?

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    I have my wii hooked to my sony 57" hdtv and it looks good. I am using component cables.

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