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Thread: USB Mic Wont work in Animaal Crossing; Tried many things!

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    USB Mic Wont work in Animaal Crossing; Tried many things!

    Okay so my usb mic that came with my original version of Animal Crossing City Folk refuses to work with my back game. I know that in order to get USB mics working you need uloader and Hermes cios 223, and I have tried that! I downloaded uloader and boot it with Cios 223 wich I downloader with the cios222 installer with ios37 merged with 38 or something like that, and it doesnt work! It says my mic is, but the blue LED light doesnt show up and no one can hear me online. I know it works because it shows up on my comuter. My Ubisoft mic works well with my glee Revelution game, but I just cant get this mic to work! I also tried neogamma, my usual backup game loader. It is rev20 R8 with cios249 with base 57 I believe. Nothing seems to work! Can someone plesase help me?? This is really frustrating me ):

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    You are disc loading correct?

    Have you tried it in the other usb port?
    Are you using a hub or is it going straight to the wii?

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    Thanks for such a quick response, I appreciate it and yes I am disc loading correctly and the mic is going straight into the wii and I have tried both ports, even though Ive been told that the second one is the only one that works anyway

    I should probably also mention that Ive tried loading with 224 and 222 as well. If any one has any suggestions please help me out
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